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Chatbot Advertising

Facilitate incoming inquiries through a personalized user journey on Messenger for a more optimized business outcome.


Why Start Chatbot Advertising

Why Start Chatbot
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24/7 Customer Service

Chatbots don't need sleep. Apply quick and on-the-go customer services that are ready anytime, anywhere, even outside of normal business hours.

What is FB Ad

What is Chatbot Advertising

Auto-like and Auto-reply to Comments

Sick of answering all "PMs" in your comments? Build more engagement in your comment section or even lead your customers to Messenger with a chatbot.

Exportable Customer List

Not only do customer lists allow us to create retargeting and lookalike audiences on Facebook, but they also directly integrate with your business' CRM software.

Create Follow-up Sequences

Chatbots can automate follow-up questions to slightly nudge customers who may have forgotten to reply or dropped off halfway through inquiries.

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What Clients Say

Perdana Delite

Nigel Ha

Great, enthusiastic and reliable team! Very capable in producing attractive and relevant content.

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