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Analytics & Reports


With detailed analysis and strategic reporting, keep your business up to date and on your toes regarding what works and what doesn't.


Why Start Analytics & Reports


Why Start Analytics
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Plan Better Future Content


Discover what's working & what's not. Find out what your audience loves and strategise your next move based on solid data analysis.

What is Analytics

What is Analytics & Reports


Organic & Paid Content Insights

Learn valuable insights from the content you post and the ads you run. Find out about your page's performance, demographic data and what people are engaging with.

Chatbot Performance Insights

Monitor your chatbot performances and learn how people are interacting with it. This helps you better optimise your chatbot flows to provide a better user experience.

Google Analytics Insights

See user behaviour, the most popular webpages, device functionality and more to learn how your visitors interact with your website.

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Nigel Ha

Great, enthusiastic and reliable team! Very capable in producing attractive and relevant content.

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