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the client.


TANZ, also known as the Tourette’s Association of New Zealand, operates as a national organisation with its headquarters situated in Cambridge, Waikato. The association hosts various support groups across the country, both in-person and online, to foster connections and provide support for families living with Tourette’s Syndrome. TANZ also conducts educational workshops for schools, government agencies, community groups and businesses. 


In May 2022, TANZ initiated a partnership with SOL Digital to focus on enhancing awareness of Tourette Syndrome and actively encourage donations from audiences in New Zealand and Australia. This involves utilising a traffic campaign advertisement that directs individuals to TANZ's website. Furthermore, SOL Digital supports increasing the awareness of TANZ through post engagement ads, providing an extra boost to TANZ content.

the outcome.



Facebook page followers

This association has effectively grown its followers on two main social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram. Currently, the Facebook page has accumulated 2.4k followers, while the Instagram account has over 600 followers.


Over the span of a year and a half, the TANZ’s advertisement has engaged with a significant audience, reaching over 500k individuals, achieving more than 29k link clicks and attracting over 20k website visits. The role of social media advertisements has been crucial to TANZ's accomplishments, leading to the generation of over NZD 2,000 in December 2023 exclusively for its donation campaign.

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Website visit within a year and a half

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Total reach on facebook within a year and a half

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the challenge.

Established in 2013, TANZ emerged at a time when there was a lack of awareness within the New Zealand audience regarding Tourette’s syndrome. This historical context continues to present challenges for TANZ even today, as many people in New Zealand remain uninformed about Tourette’s syndrome. As a result, raising donations from the New Zealand audience proves to be exceedingly difficult due to this ongoing lack of awareness.

our approach.

To tackle these challenges, TANZ's advertising campaign strategically targeted specific audiences, including individuals likely to support charitable causes, businesses or NGOs that align with TANZ values and those personally passionate about the TANZ cause.


A different approach involved creating engaging TANZ creative ads to raise awareness about Tourette syndrome. Testimonial videos featured both children and adults sharing their experiences, such as a child overcoming bullying with a positive mindset. Volunteers also provided insights on supporting individuals with Tourette's. This approach aimed to educate and foster empathy within the community for a more informed and compassionate society.


Through these advertising campaigns, the New Zealand audience was encouraged to interact with TANZ ads, particularly video testimonials highlighting how their support can make a difference for people with Tourettes. Viewers were then directed to the TANZ donation website page after engaging with the advertisements.

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Implemented a comprehensive full-funnel marketing strategy to adeptly capture high-quality leads through precise audience targeting


Utilised creative content tailored to specific interests, aiming to attract the most relevant potential customers

Social Media

Developed extensive Facebook ad campaigns designed to channel traffic directly to the client's website, with a particular focus on encouraging donations

Educational Content

Testimonial Ad Campaign

Video Ad Campaign

What Clients Say

Perdana Delite

Nigel Ha

Great, enthusiastic and reliable team! Very capable in producing attractive and relevant content.

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