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the client.


Established in 1995, Pertama Tuition Centre is located at Queen’s Court, King Centre. This experienced tuition centre is dedicated to offering small groups with 7 to 15 people per classroom, as well as one-to-one tuition classes to students of different age groups in Kuching, Sarawak.


Each year, they organise engaging and educational holiday programs in the middle and at the end of the year, which are consistently well-received by both parents and students.

the outcome.

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students enrolled per month

In November 2021, Pertama Tuition Centre collaborated with SOL Digital to implement strategies aimed at enhancing its visibility and reputation. Leveraging platforms like Facebook Messenger with chatbot functionality and WhatsApp ads, Pertama Tuition Centre has been striving to achieve broader recognition.


As a result, Pertama Tuition Centre successfully expanded its reach to over 500k on Facebook. With an average of 20 messages per month, the centre has consistently attracted an average of 10 students per month who have enrolled in its tuition programs. 

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Facebook page likes

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Facebook page reached by February 2024

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the challenge.

Pertama Tuition Centre encounters continual challenges posed by numerous competitors in Kuching. Nevertheless, the centre remains firm in its commitment to refining strategies that distinguish it and enable it to compete effectively in the market.

Their audience is also fairly niche, mainly parents who live around the tuition school area. Pertama Tuition Centre continuously explores various approaches to engage with Kuching parents, ensuring that they find the centre's advertisements captivating rather than dull.

our approach.

To address the challenges faced by Pertama Tuition Centre, SOL Digital utilises targeted advertising on social media platforms, focusing on parents seeking tuition centres for their children.


Moreover, video testimonials such as the anniversary video featuring interviews with teachers and parents, have garnered significant traction among their audience. This successful approach showcases Pertama Tuition Centre effectively.


SOL Digital also conducts monthly advertising campaigns, enhancing engagement by directing audiences to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for prompt, efficient responses.

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Implemented audience targeting based on location and specific interests to attract the most relevant potential customers

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Utilised Pertama Tuition Centre's followers and organic content to enhance their brand presence

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Specific Facebook ad campaigns to direct traffic to the client’s Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Post Engagement Ads

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Video Ad Campaign

What Clients Say

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