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GO BALD 2022

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the client.

GoBald, an annual fundraiser organised by the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) is considered as one of the largest head-shaving events in Malaysia. GoBald encourages its participants to donate or shave their heads as a show of support and understanding to a child with cancer.  


Now returning with GoBald Virtual 2022, SCCS collaborated with SOL Digital to promote their event, with the main goal of encouraging participants to shave their heads.

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the outcome.

Starting in March 2022, the entire event lasted all the way to July 2022. In a span of around three and a half months, our Facebook ads accumulated 139 sign-ups and more than RM404k raised funds for the event. 


Our ads reached a total of more than 573k people across the whole of Malaysia, bringing in not only participants from Sarawak but also participants from Penang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur as well.



sign ups


funds raised



people reached

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the challenge.

As the GoBald event from the previous year only ended 6 months prior to the current event, we had difficulty attracting new participants due to such a close time gap between the two events. 


Moreover, as borders begin to open up, it’s been observed that virtual events have taken a backseat compared to physical events, where the general public has shifted to more physical events around them.

our approach.

Due to issues of inconsistent signups throughout the ad campaigns, we had follow-up meetings with the client to troubleshoot the situation. We expanded our target audience to include West Malaysia and Sabah, as well as translated our ads into Malay and Mandarin Chinese in addition to English.


Our signups quickly improved with the added audience demographics, where we also saw a rise in website visits as well as post engagements for our ads.

Held follow-up meetings with the client to plan strategy and next steps

Expanded our audience targeting when signups have slowed down

Translated ad creatives to Malay and Mandarin Chinese in addition to English

Video Ad

Chinese Copy Ad

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Malay Copy Ad

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What Clients Say

Perdana Delite

Nigel Ha

Great, enthusiastic and reliable team! Very capable in producing attractive and relevant content.

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