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the client.


Founded in Kuching in 1994, Coramax Property has established itself as a key player in the property development sector for over three decades. In 2015, Coramax Property proudly introduced its wholly owned and managed integrated development project — Vivacity Megamall.


As an award-winning property developer, Coramax Property has launched The Rise Residence and Symphony Suites in late 2022. The Rise Residence is a 20-storey commercial mixed residential development located at Jalan Hup Kee. For Symphony Suites, it is under the Vivacity 2 project with 30-storey apartment units which is expected to be completed in 2028.

the outcome.

Since December 2022, SOL Digital has been supporting Coramax Property to enhance the marketing of their developments, starting with The Rise Residence and followed by Symphony Suites.


As a result, Coramax Property has been running advertising campaigns targeting Sarawak audiences. From the campaign, it drives inquiries about their projects including increasing awareness and strengthening their social media presence.


As a result, approximately 80% of The Rise Residence units were booked within a year, while 70% of Symphony Suites were booked within 4 months.


As of February 2024, Coramax Property's Facebook page has reached 900k users and 55k on Instagram. They have also achieved over 60k link clicks for WhatsApp, resulting in an average of 100 inquiries per month.

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Units booked in the first year

for The Rise Residence


Monthly WhatsApp inquiries

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Facebook page

reached within 12 months

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the challenge.

Coramax Property's main challenge is that although everyone in Sarawak knows about Vivacity Mall, most of them don't know that Coramax is the property developer behind it. Thus, the lack of brand awareness poses certain obstacles to effectively market their new project launches.


In the initial phase of advertising for The Rise Residence, Coramax Property has limited sales manpower, which leads to slower response times to prospects.

our approach.

SOL Digital has implemented several strategies to address the challenges facing Coramax Property. First, they have emphasised the inclusion of ‘Vivacity developer’ in all advertisement graphics to boost credibility.


Next, SOL Digital has integrated a chatbot system to streamline messaging and provide informative insights to potential prospects.

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Utilised the ad graphics by implementing ‘Vivacity developer’ to attract the most relevant potential customers

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Built a custom property chatbot to introduce projects, locations and ultimately qualified leads online

WhatsApp Traffic Ad

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Locality Ad

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Chatbot Messenger

The Rise Chatbot Messenger

What Clients Say

Perdana Delite

Nigel Ha

Great, enthusiastic and reliable team! Very capable in producing attractive and relevant content.

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