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一中校友聊职业 之 数码领域

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the client.

To spread awareness of emerging professions in today’s market, Chung Hua Middle School No. 1 Alumni Association, Kuching (古晋一中校友会) collaborated with SOL Digital to hold a live streaming webinar event interviewing some of their alumni who are currently in these fields.


Curated as an episodic event, we were tasked to promote each episode that was coming out every week to boost audience engagement and social media awareness.


the outcome.

With a budget of only RM600, our ads were able to garner 164 event responses and reach a total of more than 22k people. There were around 1k to 2k viewers per episode. 


The turnout rate was much higher than anticipated, with all episodes accumulating around 100 concurrent live viewers per night at their peak. People were also eagerly posting questions in the comment section for our interviewer, making the experience much more dynamic and interactive for everyone.



event responses



post engagements

1000 - 2000

views per episode

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the challenge.

As this was their first ever livestream event, a low turnout rate was a key concern. Also, since the event was not promoted via any other means besides word of mouth and social media advertising, the team relied solely on paid and organic social media content to advertise the event.

The niche topic and the use of Mandarin Chinese as the primary language in the interview was also a concern as it limited the range of our target audience.

our approach.

In terms of audience targeting, our ads were targeted towards a much more niche audience to coincide with the niche topics. Our main target demographics were parents of young children or teenagers, paired with specific interest targeting in multimedia and digital trends.


Our ad campaigns and organic social media postings promoted awareness and events responses for each episode periodically. On the day of each interview, a live streaming software was utilised to integrate the livestream and live commenting from the audience.

Used demographic & interest-specific audience targeting to target qualified leads

Instant Experience

Created organic social media postings of general and educational content 

to spark interests for the event

Utilised a live streaming platform for a smooth and interactive experience

Workshop Multi-photo Post

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Live Stream

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Educational Post

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What Clients Say

Perdana Delite

Nigel Ha

Great, enthusiastic and reliable team! Very capable in producing attractive and relevant content.

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