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the client.


Black Coral is acknowledged as a reputable dental centre in Kuching, Sarawak offering a spectrum of dental services at both primary and advanced care levels. Currently, it operates in three locations - Premier 101, Kota Samarahan and Satok.


Black Coral initiated its venture with SOL Digital in 2021, at a time when dental clinics engaging in social media marketing were relatively scarce. Pioneering the field, Black Coral aimed to build a strong social media presence, seeking to enhance social awareness and drive increased appointment bookings for a range of services, including braces, teeth whitening, scaling and polishing, as well as crown and veneers.

the outcome.

Black Coral started its Facebook and Instagram accounts from the ground up. In a mere three months of applying digital marketing strategies, the social media pages of Black Coral have effectively grown their audiences to exceed 3,000 Facebook page likes and accumulate over 700 Instagram followers.


Through consistent Facebook advertising, Black Coral's ads reached over 600,000 people from 2021 to 2023, resulting in more than 40,000 WhatsApp link clicks and acquiring up to 400 inquiries per month.


These advertisements also played a crucial role in attracting 250 to 500 appointment visits to their clinic per month over the two-year period from September 2021 to 2023. Furthermore, two branches are set to open from May 2023 onwards in Kota Samarahan and Premier 101, exclusively through social media promotions.



Facebook page likes


Monthly inquires

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yearly appointment visits

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the challenge.

Due to the Malaysian government's implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) as a measure to combat COVID-19, Black Coral faced challenges accommodating physical store walk-ins when it first opened in September 2021, despite receiving numerous inquiries.


This significantly impacted the monthly clinic appointment visits. Furthermore, being a newcomer in the dentistry market, Black Coral faces a lack of awareness among the people of Kuching.

our approach.

Black Coral's ads were designed to reach specific audiences with a keen interest in both physical appearance and oral health, particularly targeting teenagers and young adults. The Facebook ads and content from Black Coral were centered around fun and engaging info, aligning with the latest trends. This included incorporating the internal team as part of the content creation process. 


Besides that, by integrating ad campaigns and utilising compatible ad formats like Collections Ads, Black Coral's advertisements offered a more interactive experience. Clicking on the ads seamlessly directed individuals to WhatsApp for swift responses.

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Utilised age and interest-specific audience targeting to broaden the reach within their most engaged demographic

Social Media

Implemented integrated Facebook ad campaigns to channel traffic directly to the client's WhatsApp for scheduling appointments

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Tapped into the strength of Black Coral's followers and organic content to strengthen and enhance their brand visibility

Collection Ad

Social Media Feed

Video Ad Campaign

What Clients Say

Perdana Delite

Nigel Ha

Great, enthusiastic and reliable team! Very capable in producing attractive and relevant content.

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