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Arla Production
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Couple Wedding Shoot by Arla Production

the client.


Arla Productions is a wedding production house based in Melbourne and Indonesia. Their photographers and videographers specialise in capturing timeless memories and in-between moments for their clients.

Arla Productions partnered with SOL Digital to create more awareness of their business and services through social media advertising, hoping to boost inquiries on their social media pages.

the outcome.


Back in 2019, Arla Productions started its online advertising journey with a budget of only AUD$350. After running the ad campaign for only one month, they received 31 inquiries on their Facebook Messenger, with a cost per result of as low as AUD$11.20.

Out of these inquiries, Arla Productions acquired a client who invested in more than AUD$5,000 worth of their services all from an ad budget of only AUD$350, which amounted to around a 500% ROI.



Messenger inquiries with a CPR of $11.20/inquiry


500% ROI

Within the first month of signing with SOL Digital.


Acquired a client

worth $5,000+

With a $350 ad budget

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Arla Productions Facebook Page
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the goal.


Arla Productions aimed to acquire more high-ticket customers who are interested in wedding photography and videography.

our approach.


First, we designed an Instant Experience to capture the complete attention of mobile users. The immersive ad highlights Arla Production’s past work and its current services to interested users. We also used different types of ad formats such as carousels, single images and videos to showcase different types of emotionally impactful wedding photos and videos.

Practising a full-funnel marketing approach, these ad creatives and Instant Experiences will lead users to contact Arla Productions through their Facebook Messenger, simultaneously boosting inquiries and awareness of their social media presence.

Created an Instant Experience designed to capture the complete attention of mobile users

Used emotionally impactful wedding photos and videos in a variety of ad formats

Applied a full-funnel marketing approach that leads users to contact client’s Messenger straight from the ads

Instant Experience Ad Preview

Carousel Ad Preview

Arla Production Carousel Ad

Single Image Ad Preview

Arla Production Single Image Ad

What Clients Say

Perdana Delite

Nigel Ha

Great, enthusiastic and reliable team! Very capable in producing attractive and relevant content.

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